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History:  2009 Made in Germany      2015 UNITED STATES         2018 FREE Licensing WORLDWIDE. 

Special Offer: USA, Canada, Australia and Japan: Workshop(s) & Original Soundtrack

Crystalheater 001 + crystal technology  - first presentation: 2009

Presentation 2011:  ESOTERIKMESSE,  Meistersingerhalle, Nürnberg,  Germany     Future perspective: heating with crystal-energy 


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In this rare moment that comes perhaps only once in one’s life, when the world is listening, I offer a realization. WE are an absolutely unique and extremely creative species. Especially since WE are the creatures who make the most, and best, “MUSIC”. So much, of such variety, of such richness, so harmonic, and so continually new, that all the other species in the entire universe are envious of this unique gift! This “music,” our expression of creation, is the only language understood throughout the universe; one that interests all and is so enjoyable to experience! This is what makes us so unique, and is truly our greatest power and strength! Sadly….so many of us don’t know it.

 I give thanks, that in this time of blooming things we can express the creative forces that never existed before. Rainer Dubrikow - 2015  

 Licensing for USA, Canada, Australia and Japan (Music & Workshop)


Book 1: Bauanleitung für Lizenznehmer (in German) - Version 2009. English: 2015 = Heater: MX & SL = WORKSHOP I.

Book 2: Build your own "low energy" Heater: NPU (Nonplusultra) - Version 2015

Book 3: Build your own "low energy" Heater: The Crystal Heater Handbook - Version 2017

Book 4: Build your own "low energy" Heater: XM & XX (The Gold Medal Winner) & XSL - Version 2018  


I. Creating Jobs in Crisis Regions  = FREE LICENSES!

I offer to allocate FREE LICENSES for Africa and other economically weaker regions. Production is handicraft in and for your country.

All it takes is good handicraft. One person can produce up to 500 ovens a year. This is not a lot for one country. Especially when it is destroyed like for example Syria.

Therefore, many “normal people” can do this fulfilling home-based work on-site. All that is needed are good building instructions, some technical equipment, quartz sand and tiles. Instructions for different heater models were only available in German and “on-site“ in Germany - until now. But now we also have them in English and on a CD for you to use at home. This will offer perspective and provide work for some people in their own home countries… fulfilling work!

Because almost EVERYONE needs to heat, and this low amount of electricity can be afforded almost anywhere. Especially when this electricity is partially produced through solar energy. This is the future of sunny countries, their enormous wealth in solar energy! Solution for a better world

 II. Humans need three things: food, drink and warmth. The latter is our Passion. 

III. Summary:

Let us help the older generation by continuing to carry their knowledge and successes on!

Let us help unemployed youth in other nations by showing them what is doable!

Let us help ourselves by creating jobs that didn´t exist before!

Let us help Mother Nature by not creating more disposable commodities!

Will anyone help us make this public?

 Comments December 2017: 1. …a lot of Syrians need such heater in the light of the power shortage. Please let me know what I shall do practically in order to make it realistic in my country Syria. I have a great  network there and they will be able to start this Project  2. Dear Rainer Dubrikow . I get the  CDs yesterday. It looks great!


A NOTE FROM THE INVENTOR:  Using the Heater for Relaxation  (Workshop I. - Chapter 45) 

Your heater can be used for more than just heating. It can also be used for radiant heat to support relaxation in your body. After making sure that the heater’s temperature is reduced sufficiently to avoid accidental burns, hold your bare skin to the warm heater as close as possible. You can adjust the temperature higher or lower depending on what you can tolerate. Remember to keep the temperature low enough, so that it doesn´t cause burns. The deep and penetrating warmth of the heater feels wonderful. 

In my own experience, this type of heat is very pleasant. I usually notice improvement after just one session of exposing my body to it. For example, decades ago I had surgery on my knee´s meniscus twice due to a sporting accident. Later on, I would still have problems in cold, wet weather, such as pain, a pulling sensation, or not being able to put any weight on my knee.

What helped me instantly every time was this: while watching TV in the evening, I would put a heater on a small table like a Beerbox, set the temperature and placed it on each side of my knee for about 20 - 30 minutes, so that it would radiate heat. The next morning, I would wake up completely pain-free! I still do that today whenever I have knee problems. I´m sorry but this is just true for me - NO warming salve has ever given me such instant and deep relief. Nor has any other kind of marvellous ointment, mud pack, pill, massage, or electro-stimulation produced a similar result for me.”

 The above story is anecdotal and is not intended to offer medical advice. 

UPDATE: 2019.03

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