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History: 2009 GERMANY                                                                                                                                     Update: March 17, 2017 
                            2014 UNITED STATES
                                                2017 worldwide: THE CRYSTAL HEATER HANDBOOK = Workshop, step by step, 250 sides
                                                                                                                                                                 & Original Soundtrack

Crystalheater 001 + crystal-technology  - first presentation: 2009

Presentation 2011:  ESOTERIKMESSE,  Meistersingerhalle, Nürnberg,  Germany     Future perspective: heating with crystal-energy 

July 14, 2013, Sturgeon Bay, WI  We love our Crystal Heater!   We used it this winter in a cold room of our home and it worked beautifully. It provided a nice gentle heat for very little expense. The unit is very beautiful as well as functional. We have received several compliments on the quality and attractiveness of this unit. The Crystal Heater operates in USA for $0.44 per day. It uses 239W of electricity

If you receive future inquiries from USA or other English speaking countries I would be pleased to provide a positive reference for you. You may use my comments as positive testimonial for your website, etc.  Sincerely, Kirsten Dixner Young 

WORKSHOP (Begleitmusik als CD) Original Sound 

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In this rare moment that comes perhaps only once in one’s life, when the world is listening, I offer a realization.

WE are an absolutely unique and extremely creative species. Especially since WE are the creatures who make the most, and best, “MUSIC”. So much, of such variety, of such richness, so harmonic, and so continually new, that all the other species in the entire universe are envious of this unique gift! This “music,” our expression of creation, is the only language understood throughout the universe; one that interests all and is so enjoyable to experience! This is what makes us so unique, and is truly our greatest power and strength! 

Sadly….so many of us don’t know it.

 I give thanks, that in this time of blooming things we can express the creative forces that never existed before.

Rainer Dubrikow - 2015


  NEW   NEW   NEW ... Summer 2017

Book 1: Build your own "low energy" Heater: MX & NPU (Nonplusultra) - Version 2015

Book 2: Build your own "low energy" Heater: The Crystal Heater - Version 2017

Book 3: Build your own "low energy" Heater: XM & XX (The Gold Medal Winner) & XSL - Version 2018

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